The Bona System

At Timberplus, we strive to offer you the very best in floor restoration and maintenance services. This means partnering with internationally-recognised brands, such as timber flooring specialists, Bona.

The Bona System enables our service team to deliver exceptional results – safely removing even the toughest dirt, grime and scuff marks from timber floors and restoring environments to their original, impeccable conditions.

Certified, trained and trusted

We are a Bona Certified Contractor, hand-picked professionals who are trained and certified to use the complete Bona System on your wood floors.  Our experts undergo continuous training by Bona and stay up-to-date on the industry’s best practices.

Durable, beautiful finishes

Bona’s water-based finishes are low on VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), making them better for your family, pets and indoor environment. Bona’s Swedish water-based technologies will restore the elegance of your timber floors, while keeping them durable and strong.

Dust-free air

While dust from sanding machines usually go everywhere, Bona’s innovative Dust Containment System removes up to 99.8% of dust in the air, compared to traditional floor sanding processes. This means no mess, hassle and clean up. Just a beautiful shine.

Fast drying, odour-free

Bona’s water-based finishes dries 3 to 4 times faster than other products, with no leftover odours. This means you mean stay at home as your home is being treated, and confidently walk on treated floors just a few hours later.

GREENGUARD certified products

Bona’s range of innovative solutions for cleaning, sanding, finishing and maintaining timber floors are environmentally-friendly, meeting GREENGUARD standards. So you can be sure that the products you’re using are as good for the environment, as they are for your floors.