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  • balau_1_1
    Sapwood white or pale yellow distinct Stripe figure on the radical surface Texture moderately fine and even Grain interlock
  • ipe
    Sapwood whitish or yellowish Texture fine to medium, luster low to medium Grain straight to very irregular and or interlocked
  • ironwood
    Sapwood white or pale yellow distinct Texture coarse and even Grain interlock The timber is resistance to insects, bacteria, fungi and marine borers. The timber retains a pleasant lemon odor when freshly cut.
  • merbau
    Grain can vary but it is usually interlocked or wavy Texture is coarse with a moderate natural lustre Color between boards can be highly variable There are small yellow mineral deposits found throughout the wood making it easier to separate from other lookalikes (these yellow deposits are water-soluble and can cause staining) Very durable and resists both rotting and insect attack
  • okan
    Very durable to fungi Durable to dry wood borers High specific gravity and hardness Covers biological hazard class 5
  • Showing all 5 results